I am a spiritual coach, psychic medium, a yoga teacher. While I have spent most of my professional career as a consultant focused on organizational process improvement and cultural transformation, I experienced many difficult life circumstances that have allowed me to realize my passion for supporting others who experience similar life-transforming transitions.
I have mastered adapting and persevering through difficult situations by working to create the stability that my life often lacked and setting goals to design my life as I desired. I believe we are Co-creators of our lives,

and that we can make the choice to not become what we experience but instead, experience who we choose to become with gratitude.
I offer spiritual coaching, psychic readings, and yoga therapy to those who are making transitions in their lives that require focused support, and accountability to smoothly transition through difficult situations. In this process, I also support my clients in learning to trust their own decisions and ultimately discover newfound personal empowerment. My personal life motto is

“Use your head, use your words, but most of all use your heart. It will never fail you. For when it no longer beats within your chest, and this gift of life is laid to rest, your legacy will live on, as you will be remembered for doing and being your best.”